Gretas tale

Gretas tale

september 24, 2019 Autisme 0

Ingen hjemmeside om autisme uden at nævne Greta Thunberg. Her en relevant kommentar til hendes tale i FN climate action summit i New York.

After Greta’s impassioned speech , there is the inevitable backlash .
All focused on her ” strange” look .
Some are calling her psychotic . This needs to stop .

As the mother of an autistic daughter who is no longer with us , I have to step up and say that the criticisms of Greta’s demeanour ( well intentioned or not ) stem from sheer ignorance of how it is to walk through the world as a neurodiverse person . Her laser focus and drive are all part of the gifts that come with being autistic , the flip side of these gifts are the challenges of deep frustration , anger and pain . She feels more intensely than your average NT person and is showing it . To require her to ” look normal ” would be asking her to mask to such an extent that would lead to meltdown and worse . So please let go of the requirements for her to fit your needs of who / how she needs to be for your personal comfort. She ( and others like her) might just be saving our asses with this difference .

Diane Goldie

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